Skylight Flex 100 Release Notes 22.01 LA
  • 28 Oct 2022
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Skylight Flex 100 Release Notes 22.01 LA

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Accedian is pleased to announce the 22.01 LA release of Skylight Flex 100.

The purpose of this article is to explain the key features, guidelines and procedures supported in this 22.01 LA release of Skylight Flex 100.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • Features
    Covers Skylight Flex 100’s supported features.

  • Support in Release 22.01
    Details the support for scalability and transceivers.

  • Operational Considerations
    Lists the operational considerations for Skylight Flex 100.

  • Skylight Flex 100 Release 22.01 Lifecycle
    Details the life cycle for this release.

For more information, such as the initial configuration guidelines and upgrade procedure, see Getting Started.


The following key features are supported by Skylight Flex 100 in the LA release 22.01:

Device Infrastructure and Management Features

  • SNMP (v2c, v3) agent and MIB support
  • NETCONF support
  • Configuration Save and Restore
  • CLI (Console, SSH), multiple user privilege levels
  • DHCP client - IPv4
  • DNS client - IPv4
  • Syslog client & relay agent – IPv4
  • Configuration upgrade through TFTP file transfer – IPv4 and IPv6
  • IP authorized managers – IPv4
  • Management RJ45 port 10M, 100M and 1G
  • Auxiliary port 10G
  • Traffic port 100G
  • Jumbo frame support
  • Auto-negotiation of speed and duplex modes
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • PM Telemetry

Basic Layer 2 Ethernet Connectivity Features

  • 802.3x flow control
  • Storm control
  • Rate limiting
  • Port mirroring
  • Transparent bridging
  • 802.1Q Customer VLAN bridging functionality
  • LLDP
  • RMONv1 – statistics, history, alarm, event
  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) – L2 (Ethernet header) for traffic filtering
  • Link Aggregation (802.3ad)

Advanced Layer 2 Ethernet Switching Features

  • 802.1Q Provider Bridge Functionality
  • Ethernet CFM 802.1ag, Y.1731
  • Basic E-LINE Ethernet Services creation
  • VLAN translation support
  • MEF 10.2 and 10.3 bandwidth regulator
  • Layer 2 Flow Filtering based on multiple VLAN headers
  • VLAN Header Re-marking in double tagged scenario
  • E-LINE Ethernet Services – 2 TAG support
  • Active Standby Link Protection using LAG (LACP)
  • E-SAT – Y.1564
    • Simple CIR Test
    • Step Load CIR Test
    • EIR Configuration Test
    • Traffic Policing Test
  • Facility Loopback for SAT testing
  • SLM and DMM

Support in Release 22.01

Scalability Support

The following table contains the details of scalability tested in this release:

Scalability Parameters Scalability Value
Max L2 Filter entries 248
Max L3 Filter entries 256
Max QoS Policy map 512
Max QOS Meters 512
Number of EVC Entries 500
Number of MEPs supported in the system Total UP MEP supported – 500

Total Down MEP supported – 500​

Total UP MEP and Down MEP together supported - 500 [250 UP MEP + 250 Down MEP]

PM-SLM / DMM Total UP MEP supported – 500

Each MEP supports up to 3 SLM Sessions and 3 DMM Sessions

With 500 MEP, 1500 SLM Sessions and 1500 DMM Sessions

100GE Flex Supported Transceivers

Product SKU
QSFP28, 100GBASE-CR4, Twin-Axial Cable: 3m
QSFP28, 100GBASE-SR4, 850nm, OM4: 100m
QSFP28, 100GBASE-LR4, 1310nm, OSx: 10km
QSFP28, 100GBASE-ER4, 1310nm, OSx: 40km
SFP+, 10GBASE-SR, 850nm, OM3: 300m
SFP+. 10GBASE-LR, 1310nm, OS2: 10km
SFP, 1000BASE-SX, 850nm, OM2: 550m
SFP, 1000BASE-LX10, 1310nm, OSx: 10km
SFP, 1000BASE-EX, 1550nm, OSx: 50km
SFP, 1000BASE-T, Cat 5: 100m

Operational Considerations

This section documents the operational considerations
related to Skylight Flex 100.

Access Control List Considerations

The order of operation/matching of ACL rules is based on the order of the ACL configuration; a separate field/configuration to specify priority of the ACL is not supported.

ACLs associated with the port, when requiring modification, will have to be deleted and reconfigured with updated field value.

Skylight Flex 100 Release 22.01 Lifecycle

This section lists the planned lifecycle dates of this software release. See the table below outlining the following milestones:

Milestone Description Date
General Availability Date where the product is available for general field deployment for both new installations and upgrades. 2022-02-14
End of Security Support Date where security patches will no longer be delivered for this release. Any correctives for security defects required after this date will be delivered using the next major release of the software. Next Major Release
Last Time Buy / Last Time Ship Date where this release can no longer be purchased from Accedian. 2023-02-14
End of Product Support Date where functional patches will no longer be delivered for this release. Any correctives for functional defects required after this date will be delivered using the next major release of the software. 2023-02-14
End of Technical Support Date where technical assistance is no longer available from the Accedian Technical Assistance Center for this release. 2027-02-14

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