Skylight Analytics 23.11 Release Notes
  • 13 Nov 2023
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Skylight Analytics 23.11 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Skylight performance analytics offers new features such as enhanced troubleshooting with real-time metrics reporting, native support of Cisco MDT data, and redundant polling with Roadrunner high availability configuration.


Executive Summary

Welcome to our fall release of Skylight performance analytics. We're excited to bring this strong set of features:

  1. Real-time Metrics Reporting - Avoid delays and expedite troubleshooting workflows
  2. Native support for Cisco MDT Data - Enhanced ingestion capabilities without custom PS engagement
  3. Roadrunner polling high availability - Avoid missing polling intervals

Headline Features

Real-time Metrics Reporting

We've released a new troubleshooting feature that allows you to examine raw data collected by Skylight, which is great for troubleshooting specific session performances. Now, when a provisioning change is made, you can quickly validate the performance of the session. Note: This feature is currently limited to our CSMs and the plan is to make it available for tenant Admin users very soon.


Native Support for Cisco MDT Data

The 23.11 release provides native ingestion of Cisco's Model Driven Telemetry (MDT) as part of the Skylight solution without the engagement of PS (Professional Services) custom development. While not ready for general availability, we are making progress towards the goal of allowing you to configure the ingestion for any MDT sensor path and metric. Stay tuned!


Roadrunner Polling High Availability

In many cases, Roadrunner polls "exporters" (i.e. for SNMP devices) and this third party data do not always get pushed to Analytics. When a failure occurs, Analytics informs the standby Roadrunner to go active and to start polling and reporting. As a result, with high availability Roadrunner deployment, you can avoid missing polling intervals.

More information: Roadrunner - High Availability

Screen Shot 2023-10-09 at 12.44.33.png

Additional Features

SaaS Application Database

The sensor capture now contains a database of common SaaS application definitions that is updated every major release. When enabled, the application will be auto-detected and classified. Over 5000 applications are currently available in this release.


Sensor Agents Session Scheduling

Schedule your sensor agents for trace and throughput tests via the API or the UI.


Add Clickable Links to Text Widgets on Dashboards

Add URLs in the text widget on your dashboards in Analytics. With one click, you will be able to launch another website for additional contextual information.

More information: Dashboard Text Widget

Notable Fixes and Minor Improvements

1205007578707553FixBEConfigured SSO for a tenant
1205717102989070FixUI/OpsMade changes to ensure proper weld-api and report-service on-prem configuration
1205708049852403FixReportsFixed an issue that causes immediate report sharing from a dashboard to fail

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