Skylight Analytics 23.08 Release Notes
  • 06 Feb 2024
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Skylight Analytics 23.08 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Leverage your dynamic metadata, SNMP alerts with metadata, protect with session discovery, and preserve session continuity to provide additional context and keep things running smooth.


Executive Summary

Here are the highlights for this release for your Summer enjoyment.

  1. Dynamic Metadata - Use contextual data coming from your metric source to keep your provisioned metadata up to date
  2. SNMP Alerts with Metadata - Configure up to 5 metadata categories to be sent over SNMP in session-based threshold alerts
  3. Session Discovery Setting - Control whether new objects need to be pre-provisioned or automatically created when their data starts streaming into analytics
  4. Session Continuity Setting - Control whether analytics stitches objects together when IDs or names change

Headline features

Dynamic Metadata

The 23.08 release now lets you add additional context by mapping labels ingested with KPIs more easily.

  • Map any label to existing metadata categories for each session to simplify data presentation and analysis

image 31.png

  • Import and Export metadata mapping

Untitled 8.png

  • View dynamic metadata in the Inventory

Untitled 7.png

SNMP Alerts with Metadata

Select up to 5 metadata categories to be sent over SNMP for session-based thresholds alerts to investigate performance degradation more easily.

More info can be found here:

Session Discovery Setting

We are now providing the ability to pre-provision objects or automatically create them when their data starts to appear in analytics with a simple selection.

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 17.06.30.png

Session Continuity Setting

You can now replace your Accedian FRUs and control whether analytics stitches objects together when IDs or names change with a simple toggle.

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 17.08.14.png

Additional Features

Default Direction Name Change

The Probe to Reflector nomencature is no longer a valid default direction label for session based PM data, so we've changed to using Source and Destination for the abbreviations.


Remember that you are able to provision aliases to override these defaults on a per data type basis.


For more information on this check out Set Up Direction Aliases.

UI for Transfer, trace, UDP and ICMP Echo Session Management

Users can now provision and control these new agent session types via the web UI when managing Sensor: agents.



  • Inclusion of trends in CSV export
  • Single bundle for analytics and standalone versions of Roadrunner
  • Crosstab widget enhancement to leverage post agg derived metrics
  • RoadRunner upgrade required with 23.08. New RoadRunner version is 0.501.0
  • Metric value (key triggerValue) at which thresold based alerting is asserted is available in API and SNMP alerts

Notable fixes and minor improvements

1205006063523258FixRoadrunnerDisplay correct error logs
1205144501230506FixUIAdded tuning configuration for kafka broker heap size and increased default value to 4G
1204982434981511FixUI/CBEInvalid DateTime on the TLS Server Expiration data
1204945441629526FixUIEnhanced new sensor agent on the UI
1205006898832562FixUIGroupBy limit is hardcoded to 1000
1205093485262192FixUIUpdated translations
1204627937171394FixUI - ReportsOn Prem deployments now write flags/versions
1205018081724555FixUICorrected client zone id issue that was not showing in csv export of table
1205041736151238FixUIExport now using proper displayValue function
1205063313642602FixUIExport error due to untransformed key/value pairs now being filtered out of dataset
1205058577846338FixUICorrected the recompute of available directions when a subset of object types are selected in widget authoring
1204773934366428FixBE - SessionsUpdated file with proper max offsets parameter for session streaming app
1204987328525060FixUICorrected the number of zones in filter selection (selection size was continuing to grow)
1204986880504889FixUI - ReportsThe applicationCount and zoneCount were defined for deployment templates
1204949897762137FixBE - SparkInvestigation on no traffic topic behaviour (HDFS tables)
1204917103424444FixBE - SessionsResolve the Roadrunner stack overflow issue
1204227666597169FixBE - SessionsReturn the correct response to sensor agent on auth failure due to internal error
1204817886842933FixBE - SessionsDo not block the filewatcher startup while queueing existing files
1204747424627090FixBE - SessionsResolve the runtime error reported by Roadrunner
1204698174074112FixBE - SessionsDirectly list sensor agent node ports in Helm notes
1204908335552606FixUI - Dashboard/DictionaryDisplay categories before metrics for filters and metrics first for data
1204946670239863FixUI - DataResolve the direction conflict that prevents the Timeseries widget from showing data
1204627062774187FixUI - InventoryDo not normalize the raw export of timeseries data
1204819638652825FeatureUI - ConnectorsAdd a banner to show Roadrunner tarball download
1204869583428903FixUI - Alert PoliciesResolve the issue that causes an alert policy to appear twice when selecting it as a filter in a dashboard
1204741787718078FixUI - Inventory/PermissionsResolve role permissions for archiving sessions

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