Skylight Analytics 22.11 Maintenance Releases
  • 15 Feb 2024
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Skylight Analytics 22.11 Maintenance Releases

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Article Summary

Accedian is always making the best things even better. This section highlights the most recent enhancements to our Skylight analytics release 22.11.


Bugs are a part of life, but we've been pushing out a bunch of new features to optimize your experience on the platform based on feedback from you!

Releases as of the Week of March 20, 2023


Previous Maintenance Releases

Releases as of the Week of March 13, 2023

22.11.98 (Roadrunner 0.410.22)

1204020873732746FixSBEResolve the issue that causes an inaccurate throughput calculation after a data gap or low traffic
1203932323089287FixSBEResolve the issue that prevents Flex100 from connecting to Roadrunner in SensorAgent mode
1203781382341423FixSBEResolve the issue where the API GW cannot create the correct object in Skylight performance: analytics for an SA object

Releases as of the Week of March 6, 2023


1203174901182542FixINT - Cybersecurity - AlertsResolve SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input when loading the Cybersecurity > Alerts page
1203351722662065FixINT - Cybersecurity - AlertsResolve the issue causing the expanded view timeline to display "No Data"

Releases as of the Week of February 27, 2023


1203392891502734FixCBE/UI - Widget - TableDisplay DNS name for Capture cells
1202989254302051FeatureUI - Settings - SessionEnable Session Profile selection on Roadrunner configuration
1203960495560364FeatureUI - Monitoring - ReportsEnable RCA reporting when executing reports

Releases as of the Week of February 20, 2023


1203956809096683FixUI - AnalyticsReplace the Connection tracking timeout (ms) field with Number of deduplication cells
1203800860899222FixUI - Analysis - ZoneResolve the issue that causes an error when viewing individual alerts on a policy which has no cleared alerts
1202050976088113FeatureUI - Settings - Session - Data IngestionDisplay ingestion dictionary dimension-based metrics as permanently enabled
1203956809096689FixUI - AnalyticsResolve the Connection tracking timeout (ms) limit
1204002320890582FixUI - Widget - CrosstabResolve the issue that interprets a 0 result as missing data

Releases as of the Week of February 13, 2023


1203803009841053FixUI - GeoApply correct colors to post-aggregate duration % binning maps
1203804315921955FixUI - Data - Session - GroupBy - Pre aggregateSort binned results
1203532304185850FixUI - InterceptorDisplay a dash in the column header check box when multiple alerts are selected
1203830222907729FixUI - Inventory - Asset DetailsAdd query-based metrics

Releases as of the Week of February 6, 2023


1203840103370374FixUI - Monitoring - ReportsFix the Error fetching data issue on scheduled reports


1203912444132589FixBE - SessionsRollback the JWT creation restriction change


1203600517627002FixUI - InterceptorPrevent the selection of all or selected alerts while on the Leave a comment modal when changing the status
1203625516230999FixINT - AlertsDisplay only the alerts for the selected time range instead of all alerts

Releases as of the Week of January 30, 2023


1203825925175840FixUI - AnalyticsUpdate sparseDataThreshold to 60 for 1-second granularity to reduce gaps
1203859001562700FixUI - AnalyticsFix the issue preventing the addition of metadata via UI for TCP throughput
1203857311916966FixUI - Data - AssetCorrectly merge secondary results into the dataset when missing categorization


1202848997637352FixUI - InterceptorResolve the issue TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'map')
1203647986597317FixUI - DashboardRemove the schedule report button for users with view-only permissions
1203752564314987FixUI - GeoResolve the issue Invalid construction of cacheable failure, cannot read id of undefined
1203804315921947FixUI - Widget - TableFix column width normalization behavior
1203856104120348FixUI - Analysis - TableResolve the issue where the exportable CSV file shows no data
1203865662338251FixUI - DataUnquote MAC Address filter in PVQL
1203836745606556FixUI - AnalyticsResolve the issue causing a misalignment with the configured metric filter when the PVQL clause has a filter


1203832778196752FixSBEFix the role access issue related to the JWT creation

22.11.70 (Roadrunner 0.410.17)

1203781382341423FixSBEChange in logic for SA objects Name tracking, no more use of Index


1203422458747883FeatureBEOptimize the generation of manifest files


1202398217200964FixBEAddress the excessive session timeout duration issue

Releases as of the Week of January 23, 2023


1203292654029390FixUI - InterceptorDisplay alerts for the time range starting from the incident creation
1203776359807670FixUI - AnalyticsDisplay correct session names when exporting tables

Releases as of the Week of January 16, 2023

22.11.62 (Roadrunner 0.410.16)

1202923391419112FixSBEAdd a retry function when trying to archive (create tar) files
1203688237260654FixSBEChange the default value for Roadrunner datahubtimeout from 600 to 60
1203782298073720FixSBEFix the issue that is preventing JWT to decode for Capture PVBack


1203774331290836FixBE - SessionsFix the error caused by an invalid token


1203769245122839FixBE -Session/CapturePerformance fix for parallelization of ingestion of session and capture traffic


1203751050881127FixUI - DashboardFix the Pre-aggregate function for Openmetrics
1203665612991191FixUI - Inventory - AssetsAdd a guard in extractAssets
1203602235582946FixUI - Dashboards - WidgetsFix the French translation for "creating dashboards"
1203587192133665FixUI - Inventory - AssetsFix the French translations in section title and filter
1203587192133670FixUI - Inventory - Security AssetsFix the French translations under column "device tags"
1203205498112793FixUI - IntlAdd a title and description on metrics related to RDP and email
1203522131738953FixUI - Reports - DatasetResolve the issue causing Ember Data Request POST /api/v1/export/configurations to return a 400
1202728259093040FixUI - Reports - DatasetFix the caption in the search bar when adding a user or user group
1203050789202628FixUI - Reports - DatasetFix the message in the modal when deleting a configuration
1203115491377659FixUI - Reports - Dataset ExportFilter out composite metrics from the metrics available for selection
1202643842660909FixUI - Reports - DatasetFix the Share with functionality


1203479379370835FixBE - Sessions, UI - AnalyticsResolve the issue causing the Packet loss % metric to display a NaN value
1203713025147285FixUI - DashboardEnable moving of cards with card-level filters
1203484326590264FeatureBE - Sessions, UI - AnalyticsInclude metrics with missing metadata categories
1203612995717693FixUI - AnalyticsResolve the issue causing cards to display NaN despite the drill-down showing sessions and a positive value for the selected metric
1203749827419315FixUI - AnalyticsResolve the issue that adds double quotes to the server port field in PVQL requests

Releases as of the Week of January 9, 2023

22.11.57 (Roadrunner 0.410.15)

1203688237260654FixSBEChange the default value for transaction timeout to analytics from 600 to 120


1203601180093830FixUI - Details - AssetsDisplay the correct indicator in inventory when no values are received
1203615500267706FixUIDisplay alert counts in whole numbers
1203592941599798FixUI - Dashboard/AnalysisFix the issue that prevents importing a deleted analysis template
1203606972838383FixUI - AnalyticsDisplay correct value instead of NaN
1203345819534078FixUI - DataRe-wire derived metrics processors to be consumed by main processor
1203674302098535FixUIRemoving X-Real-IP from UI asset serving Analytics


1203497647055107FixBE - SessionsFix the issue that prevents Roadrunner from ingesting data while connected
1203406613035602FeatureBE - SessionsUpdate performance metrics
1203406918400597FixBE - SessionsUpdate alpine to version 3.15
1203585276952148FixBE - SessionsFix for proper cleaning of Roadrunner's runtime data cache
1203573729341441FixBE - SessionsHandle metadata json marshal error
1203505845642650FixBE - SessionsFix the issue that prevents Roadrunner from sending files to Skylight performance analytics while connected
1203556695635649FixBE - SessionsTemporarily remove request for runtime token if not in API mode

Releases as of the Week of January 2, 2023


1203635981269264FixUI - DashboardsPopulate the dashboard with Congestion KPI results for the 1H or 8H time period

Releases as of the Week of December 19, 2022


1203378220268311EnhancementUI - Cybersecurity - AlertsAdd ability to select all or multiple alerts in the table and change the status of the selected alerts


1203213583810235FixUI - DashboardsDisplay correct information when selecting RTT metrics
1203526238520292FixUI - Traceroute List ScrollingFix issue causing the hop icon to overlap the header of the list
1203587640779974FixINT - AlertsDisplay alerts on Alerts tab when switching from Events tab
1203587643631157FixUI - AnalyticsShow correct data ingestion dictionary for rxErrrors


1203498248038936FixUI - Settings - GeneralChange Date rate unit to Data rate unit
1203449527726429FixUI - InventoryQuery performance table correctly if dimensionView is blank
1203516662497976FixUI - IntlAdd a translation for the CaptureStatus Synchronizing
1203454795281307FixUI - Details - SessionDisplay "--" instead of red exclamation point on table when there is no data
1203449527726425FixUI - InventoryDisplay correct information on Performance details table when there is no data
1203489607802448FixUI - Settings - Policies - AlertingPrevent toggling of Enabled and archiving when one policy is being edited
1203509896878861FixUI - Settings - ConnectorEnable updating of Agent Connector with latest version 22.11
1203412821636211FixUI - ThroughputUse names in Direction field instead of integer values for direction
1203416877601930FixUI - Policies - AlertImprove validation/error messages for Maximum length of Alert Policy Name
1203512249456411FixUI - Widget - TableFix issue preventing the download contents to a CSV file when configuration is set to Group By Top 1000
1203478839350881FixUI - Inventory - DetailsRefresh circuit assets inventory to display correct interval data
1203400865309110FixUI - DataDisplay correct data for vnc.supported.encryptions
1203392891502734FixUI - Widget - TableFix issue causing some Capture cells to not display their DNS name
1203412821636222FixUI - ThroughputImprove display when a run with multiple directions is available
1203510098631400FixUI - Analysis/Dashboard Management - SharingImprove visibility of Select a User Group when there are multiple user groups
1203568877102000FixUI - DataFix issue preventing the Exclude filter from working on the dashboard

Releases as of the Week of December 12, 2022


1203205260811250FixCustom ReportsExecute reports according to the scheduled configuration
1203157471756251EnhancementCustom ReportsCreate a separate docker networking for Custom Reports
1202435629216695EnhancementBE - ReportsSend an e-mail to users when a new report instance is completed


1203505845642650FixBE - SessionsResolve issue where Roadrunner in multiple tenants is not sending files to Skylight performance analytics

Releases as of the Week of December 5, 2022


1203492658965801EnhancementSBEEnable credentials auth on Accedian gNMI
1203492658965805EnhancementSBEAdd monitored-objectId to YANG monitored-object composite key
1203503872286404FixSBEgnmicli no longer defaulting to NoAuth if authType is unknown
1203509689022011EnhancementSBESupport credentials-based subscription




FixSBEResolve APIMODE issues
1203500876740191FixUI - DataApply Application ID filters correctly


1203473506681684FixResolve issue causing Roadrunner disconnection when creating a session filter


1203072393598660FixSBEResolve issue that triggers the data set report twice a day


1203473506681684FixResolve issue causing Roadrunner disconnection when creating a session filter


1203180753478824FixUI - ToolsResolve issue causing troubleshooting tool to return Error 500
1203236107146314FixUI - AlertsBlock selection of duration as a metric in alert cards. Raised-duration should be selected instead
1203466151536846FixUI - Reports - DatasetResolve issue causing the data selector to overflow for a source
1203452247081054FixUI - TraceRemove data that is unrelated to the hop from the test run report
1203470308562008FixUI - DataEnable filtering by using metadata under circuit asset
1203494412413931FixUI - Widget - AggregateCompute pre-aggregate and post-aggregate bins correctly

Releases as of the Week of November 28, 2022


1202398217200964EnhancementBE - SessionsReduce user session default timeout


1203214913419440FixUI - Dataset ReportFilter selectable metrics to only those present in the selected datasource (datasource must be singular)
1203398923958150FixUI - IntervalSet the correct granularity when zooming in a 30-day time span
1203409027489010FixCBE/UI - DataDisplay correct value for tls version
1203413910386460FixUI - DataDo not show large percentages (>100%) in a column when drilling down on a bin
1203418955435730FixUI - DataInclude dimension descriptions/displayKey in dictionary search
1203427373273700FixUI - Dashboard - ReportMake weekly option available while scheduling manual reports
1203427823402770FixUI - Widget - GraphDisplay available values on the graph
1203435081410870FixUI - DataEnable filtering by Alert Policy
1203435437560600EnhancementUI - Settings - Data ManagementAllow dashes "-" in metadata keys


1203029180726644FixINT - Threat FeedsResolve exception in console
1203143862329183EnhancementSBEApply fix for queries with empty values
1203157471756251FixCustom ReportsCreate separate docker networking for Custom Reports
1203283970355330EnhancementCustom ReportsAdd a parameter to set log level
1203362546637932FixCustom ReportsRebuild DAGs after detection of files body change
1203391098965147FixINT - AllowlistsDisplay time conditions correctly


1202980399014183FixINT - IncidentDisplay the time in Incident preview and PDF export
1203061007136300EnhancementUI - Widget - TimeseriesIncrease the decimal points in the displayValue
1203193533080246FixINT - AllowlistsLimit the number of time intervals to 20 when values are very close together
1203237307342284FixUI - Settings - Policies - AlertingArchive policy notification should indicate that a policy has been archived instead of deleted
1203343909617347FixINT - Alerts detailsDisplay information when clicking Timeline of other alerts
1203352707695203FixINT - AlertsResolve issue that prevents data from loading on the expanded alerts window

Releases as of the Week of November 21, 2022


1203288765401288FixBE - SessionsResolve warning logs in aod_streamingapp -


1202737354633589EnhancementUI - Traceroute - DetailsExport single run results​ as a CSV file
1203389955282233FixUI - DataShow correct Citrix login time
1203416933047677FixUIShow data on alert drilldown
1203421384251764EnhancementUI - IntlUpdate translations


1203210013626296FixBE - SparkReduce retention period for baseline streaming app and tmp directory
1203409667796104FixBE - SessionsDisplay performance metrics in Circuit Asset when the associated sessions show data


1203396865126106FixSBEResolve Unexpected Behavior with /v2/monitored-objects/ and /v2/bulk-insert/monitored-objects/


1203072981646846EnhancementUI - Widget - TableAllow users to disable pre-aggregate binning column width normalization. Display the cells for all rows at full width.
1203213581037526FixUI - Inventory - SessionsApply aliases to performance metrics headers
1203397692071892FixUI - DataResolve the issue causing an exception when loading Topology values for filtering


1203093343890762FixUI - DashboardsShow rate-based unit (Mbps instead of Mb) for rate-based data
1203328609605338FixUIRemove the ratio unit as an available unit for input. Display only the percentage.
1203331559464855FixUI - TraceDisplay bars that show the length of the path in the Trace Run Timeline
1203335420611356FixUI - DataDisplay unabbreviated Citrix channel name

Releases as of the Week of November 14, 2022

22.11.07 (Roadrunner 0.407)

  • SBE - Enhancements to APIMODE in Roadrunner in relation to SDK Openmetrics and Skylight Performance Analytics


  • Dashboards - Address issue causing Error 502 (1203377026568509)


  • Address the issue causing an error when upgrading Roadrunner (1203248904315074)
  • UI - Component - Session Details Header - Prevent exception when no session metric is found for datasource (1203186090927673)
  • UI - Component - Session - Details - Guard against missing metrics by datasource (1203186090927673)
  • UI - Inventory - Remove exclude option in inventory (1203035962381781)
  • UI - Monitoring - Add case for client-zone-id in mergeFilters method (1203175270162549)
  • UI - Monitoring - Check child-parent zone condition when merging filters (1203175270162549)
  • UI - Orchestration - Show full path to branch node in the search result (1203158482722114)
  • UI - Settings - Policies - Alerting - Archive policy notification should indicate that a policy has been archived instead of deleted (1203237307342284)
  • UI - Settings - Policies - Alerting - Correct and localize archive policy notification (1203237307342284)
  • UI - Widget - Timeseries legend entries should display an error state when the value is missing (ee6dc6a)
  • UI - Widget - Timeseries - Display correct results for entries when using GroupBy zone (1203175270162549)
  • UI - Settings - Capture - Zones - Display full zone path when activating the Show full paths option (1203158482722114)
  • SBE/UI - Remove the exclude metadata filter in inventory (1203035962381781)


  • UI - Details - Session - Display session correctly as a viewer role (1203354033202679)
  • UI - Monitoring - Alerts - Show correct Start time stamp for alerts (1203376889985654)
  • UI - Monitoring - Drilldown - PT1S granularity should show a spark timeseries (1203377080719768)
  • UI - Monitoring - Enable switching of widgets when multiple metrics are selected (1203376710612698)
  • UI - Monitoring - Reports - Show Monthly report schedule option (1203383890561555)
  • UI - Reports - Monitoring - Address errors shown in the dashboard monitoring report page (1203377217288624)


  • Alerts - Address the issue causing the metric filter by Amount of Data from working (1203197516081038)
  • Alerts - Remove values that are not related to policies detections from the alert policy filter dataset (1203258007583714)
  • BE - Alerting - Address Alerts groupBy issue (1203361323371007)
  • CBE/UI - Widget - Timeseries - Display correct CT result when querying at Server Zone Level 2, 3, and 4 for Line Graph (1203328034756405)
  • Events - Change label from DCERPC to DCE/RPC (1202553421685782)
  • Incidents Details - Make timeline widget available (1203224495937737)
  • UI - Enable TCP throughput visualizations to query for any direction (1202368454187796)
  • UI - Analysis - Alert Drilldown - Display correct data in Alerts Active and Active columns (1203345819534095)
  • UI - Data - Cipher suites and TLS version shall display the corresponding text field instead of the numerical value (1203175733173306)
  • UI - Data - Processors - Fix baseline processor (1203358292729556)
  • UI - Data - Address issue in behavior between global filters and pre-aggregate binning that prevents displaying of data (1202990681187510)
  • UI - Data - Re-wire derived metrics processors to be consumed by the main processor (1203345819534078)
  • UI - Data - Invalid composite metrics should not prevent UI from loading (1203346068435469)
  • UI - Details - Trace - Improve alternate and older path visibility (1203270817188501)
  • UI - Trace - Include timed-out hops when determining route changes (1203238320808601)
  • Security assets - Display Allowlist information (1203141773298271)
  • Security Assets - Display tableview and distribution (1203278696679380)
  • Security Assets - Address the issue causing the Alerts tab to not respond (1203278696679373)
  • Security Assets - Display correct time format after redirection from assets to the Alerts page (1203278696679390)
  • Sensor - Replace DCE/RPC naming in sensor config (1202944618911430)

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