Guidelines for Collecting Metrics from Skylight Elements
  • 27 Jun 2023
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Guidelines for Collecting Metrics from Skylight Elements

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Article Summary

The Metrics Collection feature allows Skylight orchestrator to collect performance metrics from Skylight elements via dedicated data streams.

This article provides engineering guidelines related to metrics collection.

Skylight Elements - Firmware Version Required

The types of performance metrics that can be collected by Skylight orchestrator depend on the Skylight element from which the data is being collected and on the firmware version that is currently installed on the Skylight element.

The collection periods supported on Skylight elements fall into two categories:

  • High-resolution collection periods: 30 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, 1 second.
  • Low-resolution collection periods: 60 seconds or longer.

The following table indicates the firmware version required to support low-resolution and high-resolution collection periods on various Skylight elements. NA indicates the metrics type is not available on the Skylight element.

Firmware Version Required on Skylight Elements for low-resolution collection period / for high-resolution period

Metrics typeTEFS 1GGTFS 10GCE-NELTLXGXFSXSkylight sensor: control
Policy6.1.0.4 / / / /
PAA6.1.0.4 / / / /
Regulators6.1.0.4 / / / /
Port Statistics6.4.1 / 6.4.1NA7.1.2NA6.4.1 /
FlowmeterNA1.1 / 1.1NA1.1 / 1.1NANANANA2.12.5
DMM, SLM & PL6.1.0.4 / NA1.0 / NA7.1.21.0 / NA6.1.0.4 / NA7.
SA and SA Metrics6.1.0.4 / NA1.0 / NA7.1.21.0 / NA6.1.0.4 / NA7.
TWAMPNANA7.1.2NA6.4 / NA7.
Shaper StatisticsNANA7.1.2NANA7.
System HealthNANA7.7NANA7.77.97.7NANA

Metrics Objects Supported per Device

A metrics object is an instance of a certain type of metric that is collected on a Skylight element. The two tables in this section indicate the number of metrics objects that can be set up on different Skylight elements (or on a port of a Skylight element).

Here are some notes about the information presented in the following tables:

  • SOAM = PAA, TWAMP, DMM, PL, SA, SA Metrics, SLM
  • Flowmeter is only available on FS Skylight elements (as of version 1.0).
  • For port statistics, throughput metrics are only available on GT, GX, LT and LX elements. Skylight element limitations on the number of metrics objects still apply.
  • Sub-minute metrics can be collected on FS Skylight elements (version 1.0 and above) and 1G/10G Skylight elements (TE, GT, GX, CE, LT, LX, NE) (version 6.3.1 and above).

Maximum Metrics Objects per Port of a Skylight Element


Maximum Metrics Objects per Skylight Element


Skylight Elements Data Retention

Accedian Skylight elements can buffer some of the metrics data that they collect locally. Buffering helps avoid loss of data if the Skylight elements lose communication with Skylight orchestrator. The data retention capabilities of Skylight elements depend on the model, firmware version and configuration. The following tables summarize the data retention capabilities of Skylight elements.

Skylight Elements (at version or lower)


Skylight Elements (at version 6.2 or higher); FS Skylight Elements (at version 1.0); Skylight FSX Elements (at version 2.0)


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