Guidelines for Collecting Metrics from Skylight sensor: control
  • 27 Jun 2023
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Guidelines for Collecting Metrics from Skylight sensor: control

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Article Summary

This article provides further engineering guidelines related to metrics collection from the Skylight sensor: control controller.

Skylight sensor: control Data Retention

Under normal operating conditions, Skylight sensor: control collects performance metrics and transmits them to Skylight orchestrator for reporting purposes.

In the event of a loss of communications with Skylight orchestrator, the Skylight sensor: control will persist unsent data to disk. On recovery of the communications channel, persisted data will be transmitted to Skylight orchestrator and normal operations will resume.

The amount of data that can be persisted depends on the session type as well as the disk configuration of the Skylight sensor: control. The following sections detail the retention times for the various session types of the Skylight sensor: control.

Maximum Metrics Objects of Skylight sensor: control

The number of data points that can be retained is driven by the object type generating the metrics. The Skylight sensor: control has two storage models, a per object model and a shared pool model. The per object model supports a fixed number for data points that can be stored for each instance.

The shared pool model provides data storage that is shared amongst all objects that belong to the pool. The type of storage used by a particular object type is not configurable. The table below describes, for each object type, which storage model is used and the storage capacity available.

Type of Metrics ObjectPer Object Storage (Data points)
DMM, SLM and PL128
Type of Metrics ObjectPooled Object Storage


ECHO Sessions


40 Million

Note: Pooled object storage capacity can be increased by increasing the disk size of the Skylight sensor: control virtual machine.

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