Dataset Export Report
  • 06 Feb 2024
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Dataset Export Report

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Article Summary

Limited Availability

This feature has limited availability. Please consult your Accedian Sales representative.

Skylight can schedule the export of datasets at regular intervals but when the system has available resources during the offhours. Currently, you can export session performance metrics in a CSV (comma separated values) compressed format.


The Dataset Export feature generates a CSV table format from the data ingested by Skylight performance analytics. The report can be downloaded from a GUI or from the link provided in the report availability email.

2021-09-20 12.01.12.gif

Users can provision data set exports via the GUI and API; this feature is not exclusive to administrators. Users can provision new export configurations, that is, schedule dataset export reports.

However, Users are can only share or email the report with User groups to which they belong.


  • ReportsDataset
    This contains a list of provisioned reports. Clicking a report displays the provisioned information. Click Download to obtain a report.

Dataset format description


Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 14.30.28.png


Provide string value to identify a report from the report list. This value is used also used in the email if provisioned.

Data (Metrics and metadata)

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 14.49.06.png

The user is to provide the following:

  • Object Type (example: TWAMP-SF). There is only one type per report.
  • Direction: choices are NON(-1), SD(0), DS(1), and RT(2). At least one must be selected.

    Note: number will be used in the CSV report.

  • Metrics:
    • Aggregate Type: (AVG, MAX, MIN, SUM)
    • Threshold crossing: detail below

For example:

  • A user can choose TWAMP DelayP95 aggregated with a maximum operation for direction P2R.
  • A user can choose to add categorical data such as router_hops

Threshold crossings

The dataset can include a column that holds the results (TRUE or FALSE) condition of a threshold crossing.

You can select this by selecting the ellipsis and then selecting Set up threshold. The following image shows an example of a threshold crossing settings where the result will be true when averageThroughput<ax is over 5000.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 15.00.31.png

Group by

This section cannot be changed currently. The data in the report is group by using timestamp, and monitored Object.


Optional field. User can define a list of metadata and its values to narrow down the data for the report.

Busy Hour

  • When busy hour is set toTRUE, the dataset will only contain records with the busy hour tag.
  • When busy hour is set to FALSE, the dataset will contain records with and without the busy hour tag.

For more details on this feature: 21.03 Release Notes

Maintenance Window

  • When maintenance window is set to TRUE, the dataset will contain records with and without the maintenance tag.
  • When maintenance window is set to FALSE, the dataset will only container records without the maintenance tag.
    For more details on this feature: 21.03 Release Notes

Data Cleaning

  • When data cleaning is set to TRUE, the dataset will contain records where the data is clean.
  • When data cleaning is set to FALSE, the dataset will records regardless of data cleaning tag.

For more details on this feature: How does data cleaning work?

Granularity (Calculated)

There are two granularities available: daily and hourly.

Note: Use hourlyfor Duration=Day. Use daily for Duration=week or month.

Duration (Interval/Period)

The interval of the dataset can be a day, week, month.


You can schedule the export of data with the following frequencies: daily, weekly, monthly


The time provisioned will be the start time of the report.

Note: The dataset report is generated in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT / UTC +0) zone.
The time in the dataset congifuration follows the tenant time zone. Skylight peformance analytics converts this time to GMT and generates the report at the converted time.

Every dataset will have its last record end on the hour specified by this value for the previous day.

For example, if you set the schedule duration to be 1 day and at 1300, then the report will be between 2021-01-01T13:00 and 2021-01-02T12:00

Sharing Datasets (e-mail)

The datasets are downloaded through the Skylight user interface or through an API. The user may opt-in to get an email alert when the export is ready.

Obtaining a Report

Example download from the datasets (GUI)

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 16.11.34.png

Example of an email:

You will receive once the dataset is ready for download.
Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 21.14.07.png

To download the report from email

  1. Click the tenant url (
  2. Login to the tenant. Ensure to use a user that has permission to download report.
  3. Click Click to download from email. This will download the report to your local disk.

Dataset Example

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 16.14.18.png

Your dataset may be different from this example. This example is only to provide you with idea on how the dataset looks.

Deleting Dataset Reports

You can delete report instances within a report configuration or delete the report configuration.

To delete a report instance within a dataset report configuration:

  1. Go to Reports ▶ Dataset, then select the row for the configuration you want to delete a report instance from.

  2. Select the report instance.

  3. Click the image.png icon.

To delete a dataset report configuration:

CAUTION: Deleting a dataset report configuration deletes all its report instances.

  1. Go to Reports ▶ Dataset, then select the row for the configuration you want to delete.

  2. Click the ellipsis (...) , then click Delete config.

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