10G Module Power Options and Accessories
  • 19 May 2022
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10G Module Power Options and Accessories

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This article lists the power options and accessories for 10G Module.

10G Module Models


Part Number Power Supply SFP Port Temp Hardened
775-020 DC 2x SFP+
775-040 AC 2x SFP+
775-120 DC 2x SFP+ *
775-140 AC 2x SFP+ *

AC Power Cords


Part Number Power Supply
721-020 North America - C5 termination
721-021 Europe – C5 termination
721-022 United Kingdom – C5 termination
721-023 Japan – C5 termination
721-024 India – C5 termination
721-025 Singapore – C5 termination
721-026 Australia / New Zeland – C5 termination
721-027 Switzerland – C5 termination
721-028 Italy – C5 termination
721-029 Korea – C5 termination
721-02G Israel – C5 termination
721-02L Taiwan – C5 termination
721-02M Argentina – C5 termination
721-02Q Brazil – C5 termination
721-02R C20 – C5 termination
721-02U C14 – C5 termination
721-030 China – C5 termination

10G Module DC options


Part Number Description
720-010 DC A/B Power Connection Terminal Block Adapter
720-00S DC A/B Cable (10 feet)
720-0ES DC A/B Cable (10 feet) with blue/grey wires

Single external AC/DC power adapter


Dual external AC/DC power adapter with Y cable


Standard AC Power Supply

Part Number Description
720-0PW External AC/DC Power Supply Adapter, 60W, C6, 0°C to 40°C, (Power Cord Not Included)

Hardened AC Power supply

Part Number Description
720-1PW AC/DC IP67 24V Power Supply Adapter with open ended wire (AC side) and 1.5m power cable with pre-assembled IP67 Power Connector included (DC side)

Note: The standard external AC power supply can be replaced by the hardened AC power supply.

10G Module Accessories

Part Number Description Type
709-060 Wallmount Kit Wallmount
706-040 19" Rackmount Bracket, fits 2 ant-10G units Rackmount
706-041 23” Rackmount Bracket, fits 3 ant-10G units Rackmount
706-050 19” Rackmount Bracket, Recessed, fits 2 ant-10G units Rackmount
706-051 23” Rackmount Bracket, Recessed, fits 3 ant-10G units Rackmount

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