Using the Serial Console
  • 23 Nov 2022
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Using the Serial Console

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The unit provides a serial (RS232) console port (RJ45) to manage the equipment using a serial port on a management station. After logging in, you can enable or disable the console port.

To enable or disable the console port

  1. Access the page System ▶ Configuration ▶ Console.

  2. Verify the current state of the console port in the Console State field.

  3. Click Enable Console or Disable Console as required.

The console port provides a CLI interface to the unit. Refer to the CLI Command Guide for information on how to use the CLI.

To use the console port, you must use a terminal emulation program with the following settings:

Terminal Emulation Settings

PortCOM 1 to 8
Baud Rate115200
Data Bits8
Stop Bits1
Flow ControlNone

You can connect the serial port on the management station to the RJ45 console port on the unit using the following diagrams and table.

Serial Console Cable Connectors
Skylight element LX v7.9_3.bmp

Console Port Cable Pinouts

Unit Console Port (RJ45)

1Not connected
2Not connected
3Tx data
6Rx data
7Not connected
8Not connected

Management Station Serial Port (DB9)

Not connected
Not connected
2Rx data
3Tx data
Not connected
Not connected

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