Using Rsync with Skylight orchestrator
  • 19 Dec 2023
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Using Rsync with Skylight orchestrator

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You can use the Rsync protocol to transfer Skylight metrics collection files from Skylight orchestrator to an external server. Rsync offers many advantages over SFTP:

  • It supports the transfer of the same files to up to four destinations.
  • It compresses the data transfer over the wire.
  • It can transfer significantly more files in less time.
  • It can structure the transferred files into individual network element directories, which are simpler to manage.

The procedure that follows explains how to configure Rsync for transferring Skylight metrics collection files to an external destination.

Generating and Importing an SSH Key for Rsync Destination

Rsync relies on the SSH protocol to carry its traffic. In order to function without user intervention, an SSH key exchange must be performed beforehand. This procedure generates the SSH key that is used to perform the auto-login process from the Skylight orchestrator server to the Rsync destination servers and installs it on the remote Rsync destination.

Notes about this procedure:

  • Must be executed from the Skylight orchestrator console. Connect to the console either via a remote SSH client, or directly on the CONSOLE port of the Skylight orchestrator appliance.
  • Must be executed when logged in as the visionems user. The personnel executing this procedure should be aware of the credentials associated with this account.
  • Uses the rsyncuser user on the Rsync destination server. The personnel executing this procedure should be aware of this account’s credentials. To use a different username, simply substitute this username in the procedure steps below.

To generate and import an SSH key for Rsync destination

  1. Log in to the Skylight orchestrator on port 22.

  2. At the command prompt, enter: cd /opt/accedian/skylight/glassfish/bin

  3. Enter:./asadmin setup-ssh --sshuser=rsyncuser --generatekey=true x.x.x.x
    where: x.x.x.x is the IP address of the rsync server.

  4. If prompted to enter a password, enter the rsyncuser user password.

  5. Enter: ssh rsyncuser@x.x.x.x
    When asked if you want to continue connecting, respond yes and press enter.

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