Skylight Solution
  • 27 Mar 2024
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Skylight Solution

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For more than a decade, Accedian has provided cutting-edge solutions for continuous network visibility and assurance.


Skylight Assurance Components and Architecture

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Accedian’s tools for monitoring next generation networks are part of the overarching Skylight solution portfolio. Skylight encompasses physical and virtual monitoring components, co-existing to provide best-of-breed visibility into physical and virtual infrastructure quality.

How Skylight works

  • Generate performance data in the most granular, precise and efficient way.
  • Collect and store data in a scalable manner.
  • Analyze data and produce insights that can have meaningful impact on our customers' business and their end customers' QoE.
  • Manage data in a way that can be fully automated and orchestrated.

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Accedian Skylight software platform components and VNFs consist of:

Skylight orchestrator
Centralized management for network performance elements, and SFP compute and module devices.

Skylight sensor: agents
Container based microservices testing framework with open APIs for closed loop automation and instant result data streams. Agents utilize active (synthetic) test traffic.

Skylight sensor: control
A virtualized software test platform that can combine with Skylight hardware modules and SFPs to collect performance data from Layer 2 to Layer 4 across multi-vendor networks utilizing active (synthetic) test traffic.

Skylight sensor: on premises and cloud
Passive network and application (DNS, TCP, HTTP, ...) performance management for multilayer environments.

Skylight performance analytics
Cloud-native service analytics platform for quality of experience (QoE) reporting, on-demand service assurance, and real-time closed-loop automation, including:

  • Accedian and 3rd party network & application telemetry that can generate billions of data points daily
  • Big data service to analyze data at telemetry scale
  • Leverage machine learning and AI to correlate events, detect anomalies and gain insight into network and application performance

For physical network access, the Skylight solution offers:

Skylight sensor: SFP compute & modules

Wirespeed metering, policing, capture and active testing in compact 1G/10G form factors.

Skylight performance elements
Wirespeed ultra-high granularity 10Gbps or 1Gbps flow metering in small footprint, efficient network elements.

What makes Skylight different

Ubiquitous Network Visibility.png


  • Across all areas of the network, such as mobile networks, core networks, enterprise, datacenter, cloud, and containers

  • Across all layers of the network, such as L2 (Ethernet) through L7 (application)

  • Unsurpassed performance visibility, data granularity and ability to detect performance issues will allow users to see what other solutions can miss

  • Fully virtualized/software based solution

  • Accedian hardware is available if user doesn't have a compute platform

Scale & performance

  • Skylight deployed in some of the largest networks in the world
  • Millions of elements and sensors generating billions of performance measurements every day

Big Data & Machine Learning

  • Leverage the power of Skylight analytics to gain insight into network and application performance, turning billions of measurements into usable insight

Open APIs

  • Skylight is a first class citizen in an automated network, with open APIs and event busses for integration into orchestration and IT systems
  • Enable closed loop automation with real-time performance insight

Accedian Skylight components can instrument virtually any network infrastructure, and can be deployed as pure software, pure hardware, or in a software-hardware hybrid fashion.

Why choose Skylight

Our software uses the latest technologies available to achieve unprecedented accuracy for software-based measurements, leveraging microsecond-accurate timestamps from NFVi network ports, and streaming protocols to deliver the monitoring metrics in near real-time.

Skylight handles very large amounts of KPI data easily; our most dense deployment delivers more than 20 billion KPIs per day running on all-COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) servers.

Skylight APIs allow orchestration of all configurations in the monitoring topology, as well as intelligent auto-provisioning of Accedian SFP compute and module to ensure fully automated operations. When used with an orchestrator, Accedian VNFs can quickly and easily be deployed on popular OpenStack managed infrastructure running either KVM or VMware ESXi.

The lightweight Accedian reflector agent is ideal for direct deployment on hypervisor operating systems or inside VNFs as a micro service.

All for a fraction of the cost of legacy network & application performance monitoring vendors!

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