Skylight sensor agents 22.07 Release Notes
  • 14 Sep 2022
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Skylight sensor agents 22.07 Release Notes

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Accedian is pleased to announce release 22.07 of Skylight sensor: agents.

What's New

Release 22.07 of the Skylight sensor: agent contains a number of new features and functions compared to the previous 22.04 and 21.12 releases:

  • New agent - transfer supporting L7 requests towards http(s), ftp and generic TCP services
  • Reflector mode for throughput agent, allowing TCP throughput tests between two sensor agents
  • Helm charts for templated deployment on kubernetes
  • Management API backwards compatible with 22.04
  • Updated status tool for troubleshooting

Release Components

Component Version Note
agent throughput X86_64 / AMD64 22.07_1047
agent actuate X86_64 / AMD64 22.07_1047
agent trace X86_64 / AMD64 22.07_1047
agent transfer X86_64 / AMD64 22.07_31
agent throughput ARM64 22.07_90020
agent actuate ARM64 22.04_90020
agent trace ARM64 22.04_90020
agent transfer ARM64 22.04_90021
orchestration 0.81.0 component of Skylight analytics 22.07
roadrunner 0.355.0 or later

Agent Characteristics and Capabilities

agent capability max use count CPU max RAM max Disk typical comment
actuate RFC5357 TWAMP light 125 0.15 core 0.3GB 0.2GB 20pps each
actuate RFC5357 TWAMP control 125 0.15 core 0.3GB 0.2GB 20pps each
actuate RFC862 UDP Echo 125 0.15 core 0.3GB 0.2GB 20pps each
actuate RFC792 ICMP Echo 125 0.15 core 0.3GB 0.2GB 20pps each
throughput RFC6349 baseline 1 1 core 0.1GB 0.2GB cell
throughput RFC6349 throughput 1 1 core 0.1GB 0.2GB 10Gbps max
trace UDP/TCP/ICMP Paris/Dublin 100 (sequentially executed) 0.1 core 0.1GB 0.2GB no visualization in Analytics 22.07
transfer TCP L7 https/ftp/tcp 250 (sequentially executed) 0.1 core 0.1GB 0.2GB
roadrunner data proxy - - 4 cores 8GB 10GB 2,500 concurrent sessions

Max use count refers to the number of sessions per instance.
Paris/Dublin, in the Capability column, represents two different algorithms for trace route.

Upgrade Paths

Skylight sensor: agents use a destroy-redeploy model common for container applications. This means that an agent is never upgraded, it is simply replaced. In order to support this mode of operation, only the absolute minimum of configuration parameters are stored with the agent, the rest being kept in the orchestration system and downloaded to the agent at startup. The agent 22.07 is backwards compatible with the docker-compose configuration of 22.04, 21.12 and 21.06, which means the agent can be updated by changing the release version in the docker compose file.

Agent session configuration in the orchestration is compatible with 22.04, so no session or test configuration changes are required when upgrading agents or Analytics to 22.07.

Deployment Considerations

The sensor: agents deploy as containers on x86_64 and arm64 environments. Thus, a container environment is required and we recommend docker 20.10.0 or later.

Corrected Issues

ID description details
SA-887 Alpine distribution update Security patches for alpine distribution. Fixed in 22.07

Known Issues

ID description workaround
SA-306 Payload size for IPv6 TWAMP can be set to larger values than the MTU Do not use larger IPv6 payload size than 1452b
SA-509 TWAMP-CP: When control session is down, data is not accepted into analytics Make sure the (3rd party) TWAMP responder is up
SA-821 Control API: Deleting multiple objects in parallel may fail of more than 10 requests in parallel Check for HTTP error 502 bad gateway and re-send the query

© 2022 Accedian Networks Inc. All rights reserved. Accedian®, Accedian Networks®,  the Accedian logo™, Skylight™, Skylight Interceptor™ and per-packet intel™, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Accedian Networks Inc. To view a list of Accedian trademarks visit: 

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