Skylight orchestrator
  • 13 Jun 2022
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Skylight orchestrator

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The Skylight orchestrator is Accedian’s element and service management system. From this centralized platform, you will be able to view and manage the entire suite of Skylight performance components on your network including:

  • Full range of Skylight elements (AT, CE, FS, FSX, GE, GT, GX, LT, LX, NE, TE )
  • Skylight Flex 100 (release 22.07 of Skylight orchestrator and above)
  • Skylight sensor: control
  • Full range of Skylight sensor: modules (all Skylight sensor: module 1G, 10G and Skylight sensor: SFP compute 1G and 10G models)
  • Skylight performance analytics, a cloud-native analysis and visualization application (available as SaaS).

Skylight orchestrator is built around a robust task automation engine and proven opensource components. Skylight orchestrator has a secure web-based user interface (shown below).


From the Skylight orchestrator web interface, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View and discover complete inventory of devices.
  • Automatically commission devices upon discovery.
  • Perform bulk configuration and backups of large networks.
  • Create and manage performance measurement sessions .
  • (TWAMP, Echo, Ethernet OAM and 2xOneWay).
  • Monitor device faults
  • Monitor network performance thresholds and issue alarms based on thresholds
  • Configure and report on network performance test suites
  • Collect and group network performance statistics over a northbound interface
  • Connect to the central license server to obtain and release feature licenses seamlessly.

From initial install of Skylight devices, Skylight orchestrator simplifies, secures and accelerates Ethernet service validation and performance monitoring. The benefits of Skylight orchestrator include:

  • Centralized view of the entire network
  • Performance session management
  • Northbound interface (REST API)
  • Centralized SAT
  • Scalability - Skylight orchestrator can manage hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Instant Provisioning

By extending the Accedian Plug & Go™ instant provisioning system, Skylight orchestrator reduces operational efforts to an absolute minimum. New units go from the box to being managed in minutes.

  1. Device is installed on the network and powered on.
  2. Device receives periodic beacon from another beaconing device and configures its
  3. management channel from the beacon information.
  4. Device advertises itself to the Inventory Tracking device.
  5. Skylight orchestrator monitors the Inventory Tracking device and adds the new device to its list of devices.
  6. Skylight orchestrator establishes communication.
  7. Device is ready to be managed.

Network-Wide Backups and Upgrades

Skylight orchestrator automates network-wide backup of configuration data, as well as archiving and export. Skylight orchestrator's task automation engine can process hundreds of Accedian devices in parallel. Resulting configuration files can either be stored on the Skylight orchestrator server or on an external server, depending on your particular needs. Skylight orchestrator supports firmware upgrades for individual units. Multi-threaded batch processing and status tracking allow full inventory upgrades to be performed and verified within short maintenance windows.

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