Skylight Gateway 23.07 Release Notes
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Skylight Gateway 23.07 Release Notes

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Article Summary

These release notes cover the prerequisites, features, limitations, and known issues in the release of Skylight 23.07. Read this document before installing the firmware.

For further information, questions, or clarifications regarding this release, contact the Accedian Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at


Package NameVersion
Skylight Gateway0.83.0
Agent Orchestrate0.142.0
Skylight Analytics LiteLA1-23.07.7158 Note:
Skylight sensor: agentsTested with Actuate version 23.07 Note: This firmware version is not backwards compatible and there is no upgrade path.
YANG Model*@2023-06-23.yang Note:


Skylight Gateway version 0.83.0 has the following features:

  • Maestro notifications, including:

    • Yang/client can receive yang notifications from the Skylight Gateway or through the Skylight Gateway from a backend/tenant in the Maestro environment.

    • Notifications generated at runtime on state changes/errors.

    • Yang notifications (Northbound) supported through a long polling mechanism.

    • Backend/Tenants notification (Southbound) implemented through a MQTT/RabbitMQ type broker.

  • Persistency of the Gateway enhancements, including:

    • Performance: Ability to store/load 20,000 instances in a reasonable time frame. These 20K instances are composed of 20K services, 20K session, and 40K endpoints.
    • Robustness to prevent database from corruption if a fault/crash occurs.
    • Storage of internal data.
  • Resync back-end with the YANG datastore, which requires:

    • Sync process must compare the contents of the Gateway yang datastore with the configuration on the backend tenants.
    • At start-up, the resync processing must run to check if the configuration of the tenants matches the configuration of the Gateway datastore.
    • At runtime, a periodic task should run the sync process to check for any mismatches.
    • Mismatches and datastore should be logged through the log mechanism.
  • Refactoring to prepare the system to support any type of orchestrator.

  • Accedian services enhancements, to add more than one session and support editing service.

  • Bulk operations for sessions and endpoints will return a partial operation error (500) instead of setting the whole operation as an error.


  • If an agent is removed manually while sessions are running, sessions will create an error in the Gateway. The Gateway will fail to delete sessions because the endpoint is not ready. To avoid this issue, remove the session from the yang prior to deleting an agent.
  • The error path returns the URI provided in the request, so if the request targets a list node instead of a specific instance, the error path will show the list URI, not the instance.
  • The yang model filter for IDs and names has been changed to accept a number as a first character followed by 0 to 127, letter, numbers, underscores and hyphens.
  • The Yang datastore model is the master “view” of the configuration, therefore, the resync will attempt to re-configure the agent orchestrator if there is a discrepancy between the two configurations.
  • If the resync fails to push a mismatched configuration to the agent orchestrator, the instance is flagged as an error at the Yang level.
  • Bulk service can be created on a single POST operation.
  • Bulk session can be created on a single POST operation.
  • Session can be added to a service using POST/PUT (no PATCH operation needed).

Special Considerations

Skylight Gateway version 0.63.0 has the following limitations:

  • Error limitation:
    • Error-path is not included in the message from the ODL framework if constraint limits are reached.
  • Deployment limitations:
    • Persistency of the Skylight gateway configuration cannot be upgraded from 23.04 version. (This is due to a change in the persistency implementation).
    • Only the twamp-sf protocol is supported (Agent Actuate) with this current version of the gateway.
  • Yang limitations:
    • Yang model RPCs are not implemented yet.
    • Even though the yang model supports 128 characters, the session name should be kept at 64 characters maximum, as there is a limitation in Agents.
    • Session Auto-Start is not supported.
  • Notification limitation:
    • Without retention time, because start time is not supported, the client must keep the connection open to receive notifications.
  • CRUD limitations:
    • Changing parameters from a Session/Endpoint/Service is not supported, in this version you need to delete and recreate. (add/del in the list is supported with PUT/DELETE).
    • PATCH operation is not supported.
    • PUT operation is not supported to edit, it can only be used to create an instance.

Addressed Issues

This section lists addressed issues for Skylight Gateway version 0.63.0.

MAES-156Metadata fields should allow specific characters. This issue has been fixed.

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