Skylight sensor: capture
  • 11 Sep 2023
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Skylight sensor: capture

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Article Summary


Skylight sensor: capture provides a series of views to show how your network is behaving. Having performance visibility is a critical stake for your business.

New Business Requirements

With Skylight sensor: capture, you can effectively avoid visibility gaps and
complex, unpredictable paths and chains and be more equipped to handle the accelerated changes in automation and stay connected and engaged with Dev and Ops , network and datacenters


Adapting is Critical

Digital transformation drives the need for increased visibility.

Stay Competitive:

  • Customers experience edge
  • Operational efficiency
  • Business agility
  • Reduced business risk

Radical Network and Application Performance Management Across Network an Apps

Skylight sensor: capture combines synthetic and traffic-based Network and Application Performance Management (NAPM) methods for full end-to-end performance visibility.

Traffic Based Monitoring

End User Experience, including:

  • End user experience for all apps on the network
  • Scope and origin of performance degradations (client, network, server and application).
  • App transaction visibility
  • App back end performance

Network Quality of Service, including:

  • Broad and global network health indicators, including:
    • Two-way latency
    • Retransmission rates

Synthetic Network Testing

Network Quality of Service, including:

  • Precise network troubleshooting indicators, including:
    • One-way latency
    • Packet loss
    • Microburst identification
    • Hop-by-hop path analysis

Reframe IT Performance Management Processes


Skylight sensor: capture enhances your IT process, by providing:

  • Faster incident routing
  • Increased IT productivity
  • Better collaboration across silos
  • Improved user experience and time to root cause
  • Reduced number of performance incidents


360 Degree Visibility for Hybrid IT

Skylight sensor: capture ensures that EVERY access to CRITICAL applications is covered.

North-South visibility

  • On premise data centers

East-West visibility

  • SDN / virtual data centers
  • Public cloud laaS and PaaS coverage
  • Containerized environment
  • Cloud services or SaaS

Edge visibility

  • Synthetic testing and distributed traffic capture in small form factors
  • xFlow collection
  • Virtual and micro capture appliance


Solution Benefits

Leverage NAPM capabilities to avoid and reduce loss in revenues and IT staff or productivity.


Address all the Challenges of Hybrid IT Environments

Skylight aligns with upcoming constraints affecting enterprise IT.


General Principles and Architecture


Skylight sensor: capture offers Complete Visibility:


Skylight sensor: capture offers Actionable Insight:

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