Module Dock
  • 10 Jul 2024
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Module Dock

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Article summary

Overview of Cisco Provider Connectivity Assurance Module Dock (formerly Skylight module dock)

Intended for network administrators and technicians, these articles provide information
about the Skylight module dock and how it is used to detect, configure and upgrade the
Skylight sensor: SFP compute 1G, SFP compute 10G, module 1G and module 10G.

The Skylight sensors are performance monitoring end points equipped with an all-hardware,
line-rate packet FPGA processing engine. They are programmable platforms for delivering
advanced performance-monitoring features and remote manageability. Devices supported,
as of release 20.05, are:

  • Skylight sensor: SFP compute 1G Copper
  • Skylight sensor: SFP compute 1G Optical
  • Skylight sensor: SFP compute 10G Optical
  • Skylight sensor: module 1G
  • Skylight sensor: module 10G

Note: Although you can connect multiple devices (RJ45 and SFP) to the Skylight module dock at the same time, each device must be configured individually.

The term device in these articles refers to any of the network devices mentioned above.

The term management Web interface refers to the Web-based interface that is delivered
with the Skylight module dock.

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