Guidelines for Collecting IOPS Profile Data
  • 27 Jun 2023
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Guidelines for Collecting IOPS Profile Data

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Article Summary

This article will provide guidelines related to checking the disk’s IOPS on the system against the requirements.

Procedure Requirements

This procedure must be executed as the visionems user. To execute this procedure, you must know the account’s credentials.

Procedure Steps

Collecting IOPS Profile Data

  1. Open an SSH terminal session to Skylight orchestrator on port 22.

  2. Log in as the visionems user.

  3. Run the script by using command:

sudo /opt/accedian/skylight/scripts/



You will see a warning like the one below:
WARNING: The disk I/Os will be impacted. Enter 'Y/y' to continue, other to exit:

  1. Type 'y' to continue.
    You will see the profile information:


-Collecting IOPS info of 60K profile ...
+Disk sde result ( IOPS: >15000 ): Passed - IOPS=33811
+Disk sdd result ( IOPS: >15000 ): Passed - IOPS=33391
+Disk sdc result ( IOPS: >15000 ): Passed - IOPS=33180
+Disk sdb result ( IOPS: >15000 ): Passed - IOPS=33601
+Disk sda result ( IOPS: >5000 ): Passed - IOPS=31423

-For details, refer to log: /data/monitors/disk_iops_collect_07-05-2021.log
End time: 05-07-2021-06:50:53

Output will provide IOPS information of disk for each profile. For each disk of the output , you can see a condition for IOPS; if it’s true, the state will be PASSED. In addition, the output also provides the path to check the log file above.

Profile NameNumber of DiskSO is deployed on ESXi hostSO is deployed on KVM host
15K2sda, sdbvda, vdb
30K3sda, sdb, sdcvda, vdb, vdc
60K5sda, sdb, sdc, sdd, sdevda, vdb, vdc, vdd, vde

Note: When you run the script, the profile information will be displayed. The corresponding number of profiles will have the corresponding disk number. If the disk information displayed is incorrect with the table above, check again because the Skylight orchestrator is faulty.

  1. Check information of log file with command:
cat  /data/monitors/disk_iops_collect_07-04-2021.log


This is part of the log file information of the 60K profile, which includes: sda, sdb, sdc, sdd and sde. The image above is only illustrative with sde. You will see the line:

Disk sde result ( IOPS: >15000 ) : Passed - IOPS=33811

The IOPS value of each disk will be calculated as follows:
IOPS = IOPS (read) + IOPS (write)

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