Troubleshooting Connectivity with Roadrunner
  • 13 Feb 2024
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Troubleshooting Connectivity with Roadrunner

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Article Summary

In order to connect Skylight Flex devices to Skylight Analytics, Flex must first connect to Roadrunner; Roadrunner then connects to Analytics.

From the perspective of Skylight Flex’s Telemetry application, the connection status and notice shown from the CLI console can indicate whether the connection to Roadrunner has been successful.

In any event of failure, syslog event messages will be logged; these messages can be helpful in debugging the handshake communications between Flex and Roadrunner.


To configure and stream Flex PM data to Skylight Roadrunner, see PM Telemetry.

To display the connection notice between Flex and Roadrunner, execute the show telemetry reporter-type command. For more information, see the Telemetry Commands.

To troubleshoot connectivity with Roadrunner

  1. Begin by reading the Troubleshooting Roadrunner article. This article provides the information needed to confirm if Roadrunner is:
  • Connected to Skylight Analytics
  • Correctly configured
  • Listening on the correct ports for sensor: agent and Flex data.
  1. Search for a log such as the following:
15:43:23.351 processIdentificationMessage ▶ INFO 050 DATA_BROKER - Authenticated data connection with agent {agent-id} established
  • Where {agent-id} corresponds to the identifier for your sensor: agent. This indicates that Skylight Flex has successfully connected to Roadrunner.

At this stage, everything should be up and connected. However, if Skylight Flex is reporting that it is unable to connect to Roadrunner or if the above log is not appearing, checking for error logs on the Roadrunner side may provide the required insight to determine what went wrong.

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