Error Codes
  • 05 Aug 2021
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Error Codes

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The following table provides a description of all system error codes and associated error messages.

CodeSystem Error Codes
1000Unknown SYSCTL command.
1001Unsupported SYSCTL command.
1002Invalid SYSCTL command size.
1003Feature not enabled.
1100Stream exist, PID already in use.
1101Stream does not exist.
1102Stream is static, operation not permitted.
1103Stream is free, operation not permitted.
1104Unknown stream type.
1105Failed to alloc stream control block, too many streams.
1106Failed to alloc stream window.
1107Failed to alloc bandwidth or packet rate too high.
1108Failed to alloc report packet.
1109Failed to alloc filter packet.
1110Failed to alloc RTP port entry.
1111Failed to free RTP port entry.
1112Failed to alloc UDP port entry for external sender.
1113Failed to free UDP port entry for external sender.
1114Failed to alloc DVB receiver.
1115Signature conflict, filter may not be unique.
1116Device is down (link down).
1117Failed to alloc packet buffer.
1118Destination unreachable.
1119Invalid STREAM message type.
1120Stream in invalid state.
1121Configured bandwidth to small or zero.
1122Configured payload size to small or zero.
1123This encapsulation is not supported.
1124The requested resource is busy (already in use).
1125Illegal destination address.
1126Illegal source address.
1127Invalid IP protocol version.
1128Stream is in running state.
1129Port conflict, port is used by another peer or function.
1130Protocol conflict, port is used by another protocol.
1131Failed to allocate port map entry.
1132Stream is not in IDLE state.
1133No media detected or link down.
1134Invlaid port number. Port cannot be zero.
1135Please use another port number, port is in the Ephemeral port range.
1136Unknown sampling function.
1200No dummy device.
1201No outgoing device.
1202No route to destination or outgoing interface conflict.
1203Outgoing device is not configured with an IP address.
1204Requested outgoing device conflicts with probe’s routing table.
1205Link is down.
1301Failed to alloc sync request.
1302Failed to alloc filter packet.
1303Failed to alloc report packet.
1304PTS syncer is busy, try again.
1310SNTP syncer is busy, try again.
1311Failed to alloc filter packet.
1312Failed to alloc report packet.
1400Another Agent is running, operation not permitted.
1401Agent is running, operation not permitted.
1402Agent is not locked.
1403Agent is locked.
1800Unknown device or interface.
1801Invalid device or interface name.
1900Pool size exceeded, too many sessions.
1901Too many sessions, failed to alloc session peer.
1902Interface does not exist.
1903Max number of VLAN interfaces exceeded.
2800see errno message.
2900Failed to alloc work-area.
2901Invalid or unknown argument.
2902Failed to create pid file.
2910Device/interface does not exist.
2911Device/interface is not up and running.
2912Virtual interface has no physical interface.
2913Device/interface is not configured with an IP address.
2914Route to destination does not exist.
2915Failed to resolve L2 address.
2916Device/interface IP address conflicts with requested IP address.
2917Invalid source IP address.
2918Invalid destination IP address.
2919Invalid route, outgoing device/interface conflict.
2930Unknown stream type.
2931Unknown stream encapsulation.
2932Failed to create encapsulation template.
2933Invalid session id.
2934Invalid bandwidth.
2935Unsupported protocol.
2936Kernel stream ID is valid, e.g. this stream may already be running.
2939Invalid source port (port=0).
2940Invalid destination address.
2941Invalid source address.
2942Invalid GRE key (VPNID).
2943Destination address is not a multicast address.
2944Measurement Rx peer can’t listen on External Tx peer.
2945Lite Rx peer can’t listen on External Tx peer.
2946Ping reflector is external, use ICMP encapsulation.
2947DVB Rx peer can’t listen on Prosilient Tx peer.
2948Invalid IPTTL (ttl=0).
2949Invalid STREAM message type.
2950Failed to open UDP socket.
2951Failed to open TCP socket.
2952Failed to open raw socket.
2953Failed to connect.
2954ceUnknown device/interface.ll
2955Unsupported device/interface.
2956Invalid frame/packet rate.
2960Address is reserved (for internal use).
2961Payload size too small, not enough space to hold stream message.
2962Invalid destination MAC address.
2963Invalid source MAC address.
2970Unknown or unexpected command.
2971Invalid command version.
2972Invalid command tag.
2980Invalid probe Id.
2990Unknown ITU-T Y.1731 PDU type.
2991Frame-size too small.
2992Packet-size too small.
2993Invalid report IP address.
2994No report interface.
3000Fail to parse XML command.
3001Too many clients, reject connection.
3002XML dtd check fail, mismatch XML string to dtd.
3003Failed to allocate xml parse tree.
3004General failure, e.g. XML syntax error.
3005Invalid XML version.
3006XML buffer overflow.
3007XML attribute syntax error.
3100Illegal probeId received.
3101Illegal caseId received.
3102Agent engaged by other case.
3103Non valid parameter sent to probe.
3104Parse error.
3105Agent not locked by case.
3106Invalid system command end. 3107
3107Evaluation period has expired.
3108Fail to start agent application.
3220Max number of peers exceeded.
3221Allocate memory for peer.
3222Failed to setup forwarding information via interface name.
3223Failed to resolve IP address via interface name.
3224No syncer exist to destination probe.
3225Invalid reference, i.e. null pointer.
3226Failed to perform multicast join.
3227Failed to perform multicast leave.
3228Peer id already exist.
3229Non valid parameter.
3230Peer does not exist.
3231Failed to start Tx peer.
3232Failed to start Rx peer.
3233Failed to start Rx Zap peer.
3234Non valid Zap interval.
3235Failed to get next Zap channel.
3236Zap flow run into trouble.
3237Peer command queue too long, message discarded.
3238Failed to start Ping peer.
3239Zero packets received. Measure path down or reflector not respond.
3240Failed to start peer.
3241Zero packet train received. Measure path down or reflector not respond.
3300Zero packets received. Measure path down or Tx flow stopped.
3301To few packets received to analyse data.
3302Result not within valid range probably due to inproper synchronization.
3303Data not analyzed due to unreliable synchronization.
3304Fail open analyze result file.
3305Null ptr when analyze data.
3306Received unexpected large jump in packet sequence number or received unexpected large number of packets.
3307Zero packets received. Measure path down or reflector not responding.
3308Lost packets metrics are estimated due to zero packets received. Measure path down or Tx flow stopped.
3309Lost packets metrics are estimated due to zero packets received. Measure path down or reflector not responding.
3310Estimated lost packets metrics exist due to zero packets received at end of interval.
3311Estimated zero packets sent downlink from reflector. Measure path down or reflector not responding.
3312Twamp-control connection disconnected (Premature close of twamp control reflector).
3314Failed to connect, Init connection.
3316The tunnel is down (Zero packets received. NFV tunnel is down).
3400Failed to open UDP logging socket.
3401No such directory.
3402Failed to open log file.
3500Agent crash by SIGNAL.
3501Agent failed to start, failed to open ramdisk.
3502Agent failed to start, failed to open pidfile.
3503Agent failed to start, loopback interface not configured.
3504Agent failed to start, loopback interface is down.
3505Agent failed to start, management interface not configured.
3506Agent failed to start, management interface is down.
3507Agent failed to open control socket.
3508Agent failed to init multicast socket.
3509Agent was terminated by force.
3510No Agent is running on this probe.
3511Probe was acquired/stolen by another case.
3512Too few packets to analyze in result record.
3513Too many packets to analyze in result record.
3514Result record statistics interval too short.
3515Result record statistics interval too long.
3600No packets received, join failed or Tx flow stopped.
3601Packets received before called multicast join.
3602Packets received after max join time elapsed, join latency high.
3603No packets before called multicast leave, Tx flow probably stopped.
3604Packets received after max leave time elapsed, leave failed or leave latency high.
3700Max number of syncs exceeded.
3701Allocate memory for sync.
3702Enqueue sync.
3703Sync entry already exist on probe.
3704Setup forward info via if name.
3705Sync does not exist.
3706No sync connection to remote probe.
3707Losing synchronization to remote probe. Connection bad or down.
3708Failed to start synchronization.
3709Sync command queue too long, message discarded.
3800Time command queue too long, message discarded.
4000see errno message.
4001Timeout reading reply from ptexport daemon.
4002Invalid reply from ptexport daemon.
4003Failed connect to ptexport daemon.
4004Invalid input request message format.
4101Failed to connect to SDC server daemon.
4102Failed to connect to DB.
4103Invalid expression format.
4104Filter gives no resulting data.
4105SDC has no active Case.
5000No measurement (gap) condense.
6000No such entity.
6001Password required.
6002Probe configuration incomplete.
6003Probe connection in wrong state.
6004Transaction timeout.
6005Parameter problem.
6006Connection not open.
6007Database error.

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