Creating and Installing Roadrunner for Skylight orchestrator
  • 27 Jun 2023
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Creating and Installing Roadrunner for Skylight orchestrator

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Article Summary


Roadrunner runs in a Docker container and is the interface between Skylight orchestrator and Skylight analytics.

This connection allows you to:

  • Receive performance monitoring data from orchestrator and forward it to Skylight analytics
  • Set up multiple Roadrunner instances to send data concurrently to Skylight analytics


To install and configure roadrunner, you must first, from Skylight analytics:

  • Configure a connector
  • Download the connector file to the Docker host
  • Install Roadrunner

System Requirements

Before setting up Roadrunner, make sure you have the following environment set up:

  • 100 GB disk space
  • 4 CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Docker 18.03 or later
  • Tested operating systems:
    • Debian 9 or higher
    • CentOS 7.3 or higher

Note: You should not have a firewall. If required, traffic to outside world on TCP port 443 (HTTPS) should be allowed.


To standardize deployments, the following structure on your Docker/Linux host is recommended :

Create a directory for your roadrunner software in /opt/

sudo mkdir -p /opt/roadrunner

Create a directory for your date in /var/lib/data/

sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/data/roadrunner

Configuring a Connector

To configure a connector

  1. Log in to Skylight analytics.

  2. Go to the Settings menu.

  3. Select Sessions.

  4. Click Connectors.

  5. Click the + button.

  6. Assign a name to the connector.

  7. Select your data source typeFileWatcher:

  8. Select get data from Skylight orchestrator.

  9. Specify path to data, as shown below:

CAUTION: This path should match the directory in your RR environment (i.e., /var/lib/data/roadrunner) and Zone name MUST BE UNIQUE per connector.

  1. Save the configuration.

Downloading the Connector

To download the connector

  1. Select the collector you just created from the list and click the (...) button to download the DataHubConnector.tar.gz installation file to your workstation:

Installing Roadrunner

To install the Roadrunner

  1. Copy the DataHubConnector.tar.gz file to the Roadrunner directory (/opt/roadrunner/) on your Docker/Linux host.

  2. Open a terminal in to your Linux host

  3. Go to the Roadrunner directory:

cd /var/tmp/roadrunner_files
  1. Extract the tar.gz archive:
sudo tar xfv DataHubConnector.tar.gz
  1. Run the shell script to install Roadrunner:
sudo ./

Roadrunner will automatically start once the installation is complete.

Linking to Skylight orchestrator

To link Roadrunner to your Skylight orchestrator you must do the following from orchestrator in the CollectionServer Configuration tab settings:


To link Roadrunner to Skylight orchestrator

  1. Log in to Skylight orchestrator and go to the CollectionServer Configuration tab.

  2. Check default server for metrics collection checkbox to export metrics from Skylight elements (PAA, BRW, SOAM, etc.) and Skylight sensor: control (NFV SOAM, flowmeter, etc.)

  3. Check Enable export of performance sessions to export metrics from Skylight orchestrator sessions.

  4. Set up the IP address of the device in /var/lib/data/roadrunner/.

  5. Enter username and password.

  6. Click Test to test the connection.

  7. Click Apply.


Once you have linked the Roadrunner in orchestrator you can validate that it is running.

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